What Do You Need to Know About Roof Installation

If you wish to have a new roof installation, there are numerous questions which will run in your mind. Most certainly, you will not be sure of the time it will take for the installation to complete and whether the installation will result in more problems. However, with sufficient knowledge about the installation process which you can get from Residential roof installation Dallas TX, you will go for a good installation firm ensuring that your roof is in safe hands. Below are things you need to know about roof installation.

Installation Timeline

After scheduling your roof installation process, you need to know the time it will take for the job to complete. Roughly, it takes between 1 and 14 days depending on the size of the job and amount of shingles to be replaced. The timeline varies depending on whether the required materials are readily available or they need to be ordered and shipped from other locations. After the job begins, you will have a new roof in at least four days.

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The Tear off Process

The tear off process involves stripping of the roof up to the deck. The tear off starts from the top at the ridge line of your roof all the way down. Only the shingles that can be replaced within the day should be removed to ensure that you are not left with an unrecovered section of the roof at the end of the day. The roof installation should be as unobtrusive as possible to ensure that there is no debris falling in your house or yard. Tarps should be used to haul away the debris, but care should be taken to ensure that the tarps do not sit for a long time on the grass and other impressionable areas.

Likely Problems that can be discovered during Installation

Evidently, our everyday attempt should be to discover the roof problem before the wear and tear begins. However, in most instances, the underlying cause is only identified after the shingles are removed. After identifying the problem, repair options should be discussed whereby your contributions are highly recommended for effective and efficient repair. Some of the possible problems can be sagging or rotting decking which cannot be noticed unless the shingles are removed.

Underpayment and Felt Paper

Before the shingles are laid, Residential roof installation Dallas TX ensures that the deck is first covered with a layer of felt paper. This underlayment is installed to act as vapor barrier thus preventing condensation. However, the layer is not water proof which means that rain water will pass through in case of a missing shingle.

Roof Penetrations and Chimneys

There is a high possibility of leakages in the areas where there are roof breaks. To prevent this, each break should be treated individually using the proper felt paper. Considering that chimneys are made of different materials, each should be evaluated separately. However, regardless of how it is treated, felt-paper, flashing and ice dam should be installed up to two feet on the side of the chimney, and other roof breaks to protect your home.

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