Top Ideas to Enhance Your Garden This Fall

As fall approaches, many homeowners are considering new ways to make their gardens look their best. Below, we’ve outlined some of the top ways to enhance the look of your residential garden and maybe even make it stand out above your neighbors’!

Top ways to enhance your garden this fall

  1. Try solar garden lights.

If you enjoy spending time in your garden or yard in the evening or at night, using solar garden lights can be a great way to add a soft glow to your outdoor space. During the day when the sun is shining, these lights gather solar energy, and in the evening, they give off a soft light that accentuates the flowers and plants around them.

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  1. Consider a stone path.

For larger and medium-sized gardens, a stone path can look especially elegant. You might consider putting stone pavers down the middle of your space and allowing grass to grow between each paver for a natural, woodsy look.

  1. Enhance the sound of your garden with a fountain.

Fountains are the perfect staple for any garden no matter what the season is, but they can be especially lovely in the early days of fall. The soft sound of water falling is always welcome when spending a lovely afternoon in your garden or yard space.

  1. Install an ornamental iron fence Austin.

If you don’t already have fencing around your garden, consider putting in an ornamental iron fence Austin. Ornamental iron fences give an old world, classic look to any garden space, and they can also be used for practical purposes as well. If you have trouble with critters, for example, or if you want to delineate between certain area of your garden and the grass, ornamental iron fence Austin is the way to go.

  1. Add mums to your garden.

One of the most classic flowers for fall is the mum. These late bloomers are available in numerous fall colors such as auburn, yellow, orange, and dark pink, and they are hardy plants that will last through even the coldest days of October and November. Mums also make great gifts!

In many parts of the nation, fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It’s warm enough to out with just a sweater on, but the harsh sun of summer has finally abated.

In fall, the beautiful colors of the changing leaves come out in all their glory, pumpkins and gourds adorn porches and decks, and there are a number of beautiful flowers that bloom in the late summer and early fall as well (including mums!). In addition to these natural, beautiful changes, use the tips listed above to make your garden as truly lovely as the season itself.

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