The Wet Season Is Here and So Are the Termites

It seems as though the wet season has come early to Brisbane with a week of constant rain already, this October. This recent rain is an early reminder that termite’s love wet conditions and to carry out your own property inspection.

It’s not that termites love being out in the rain, it’s that they love wet things, rotting wood, in particular, it’s their favourite pastime.

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And that’s what the rain does; it makes wood nice and soft and easier for termites to chew. Think a log that’s been sitting in your backyard that gets nice and wet over the course of three days or the old fence pails you’ve had stacked up against your house; they’ll be nice and chewy too. The pool of water that’s been collecting near your slab and penetrating the foundations, they’ll tunnel their way into that too. The longer it’s been wet, the easier it is to chew though. Termites aren’t picky, if its rotting wood, they’ll eat it, even if it’s your house.

Termites are secretive little things, and upon carrying out your own termite inspection, you may think, “There’s nothing there, we’re safe.” Don’t be too sure. Termites cleverly hide behind walls and just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean pest inspectors can’t. It’ll give you peace of mind to book a professional pest inspection just to be sure.

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How termite proof your home for the wet season

With the start of the wet season here, there’s no better time to check that your property will not become susceptible to moisture and termites. Prepare your home by:

  • Clearing out overflowing gutters that end up pooling water that could enter your home
  • Fixing any roof leaks
  • Fixing any leaks where water enters through the walls, windows, doors or foundation of your house.
  • Clean up any water damage thoroughly
  • Check that your water tank will not overflow
  • Ensure your swimming pool will not overflow
  • Remove any timber or old trees from around the house
  • Make sure gardens cannot touch the house
  • Ensure there is adequate drainage, particularly for heavy downfalls.

If you want to make doubly sure your home is termite proof, call your local Brisbane Pest Inspector and enjoy the sound of rain!

Andrew Mackintosh is the owner and inspector at Action Property Inspections, Brisbane . Andrew has carried out over 20,000 building inspections, is a licensed builder, a licensed building inspector and a Member of Queensland Master Builders Association & Institute of Building Consultants.

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