The significance of playgrounds in child development

Childhood days are considered as the best days of a child’s life. A child can freely play, experience life’s joy and at the same time learn about various aspects of life. Allowing a child to play on the playground instead of making him/her stay confined in the four walls of the house, is the best way to nurture the little one.

Do children still play in playgrounds?

Earlier, the number of children playing in the playground used to be more than the present day situation. The fear for safety and bad quality playground equipment supplies are the major reasons why parents don’t allow the children to play on the playground. But as we all know ‘extra-curricular activities are necessary!’ and therefore, we will have to come out of the fear.

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How can playgrounds help in child development?

  1. Social development – Children love to play together in a group. They experience a sense of friendship when they start socializing with other kids. They talk and play with each other and also solve each other’s problem.
  2. Brain development – Playing in the playground brings forth, questions such as who the leader/follower will be or who will start/end. When children explore such role reversals, they learn how to self-control. This helps in brain development to become a better human being.
  3. Language development – A child speaks out loud while he/she plays on the playground. This leads to language development as the child takes a step towards interacting his/her thoughts, ideas and feelings.
  4. Physical development – Playing in the playground on a regular basis can improve a child’s physical health. It is important to indulge children in physical exercises that help in strengthening muscles, promotes coordination and balance.
  5. Emotional development – A child also experiences emotional development when he/she laughs out loud or cries when they are hurt. Fights between kids also help a child to control his/her anger and feelings.

The benefits of allowing children to play on the playground can be endless. Therefore, do not stop your kids playing on the playground. Rather than that, contact with Play Ground Centre that offers best quality playground equipment supplies.

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