The Facts about Solar Window Film

Today’s home and office window tinting, has become increasingly more popularand certainly looks to be even more soin the future as the numbers of homes and offices are tinting up.

So, let’s have a little look at what the facts are with regards to window tinting, and see why their use is expanding.

Does it make a Room Dark Inside?

Light or visibility will not be blocked in any direction, but those pesky UV solar rays will be a thing of the past by an amazing 99%! Solar window film won’t make your home darker inside and after installation, you can see out, but any nosey parker’s won’t be able to see in!

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Will Solar Window Film Bubble or Change its Colour?

Not at chance. Many folk are somewhat sceptical maybe about solar window film due to seeing some very rough DIY jobs carried out with dodgy low quality film. (Or might have seen the same on a car, with those ugly air bubbles).

  • Nowadays, the best quality film uses stable dyes and/or permanent layers of metal which don’t degrade.

Is it harder to Clean than Glass?

When fitted, you should not clean your window film for the first 30 days. This is called the “drying period.” However, after that time, you can then clean your windows as you always did.

  • But, don’t forget that any harsh treatment with liquids like ammonia or vinegar may just cause damage to the film, and please only use soft cloths and nothing too abrasive.

What about Safety & Security?

Any type of accident, natural catastrophe or human threats can very rapidly turn panes of glass into harmful shards which can take lives.

Are House Plants Affected?

This depends on the type of plant, and definitely not in all cases. In fact, there are some plants which do better after solar window film has been installed and many darker green houseplants often thrive due to the increase in moisture content in the air.

  • A number of flowering plants may experience a short period of shock, but will pick up again after a couple of days.
  • Why not try moving some plants to a slightly darker area away from your windows for a day or two and see if they are affected?

What about the Quality? Is it All the Same?

Today’s quality of solar window film is top notch regarding solar protection and not only will your home and office windows lookamazing, but you will also see your power bills get cheaper.

  • This is due to the film helping to increase the effectiveness of air conditioning, meaning that you won’t have to turn it uptoo high anymore.

So, now you know the facts about solar window film, why not get online and check it out!

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