Spring Backyard Upgrades

It may still feel freezing out there – but trust us, spring is just around the corner! When the weather starts to improve (hard as that may be to believe right now) you’re going to want to get out into your backyard and start enjoying it.

Now is also a great time to start planning for a springtime backyard update. Start getting quotes, sourcing materials and as soon as the weather improves, you can be out there getting on with your chosen upgrade project.

But what upgrades are worth the time and money? Well, here are 5 of our favorites to give you a little inspiration.

  1. Tree Trims

If you have any trees in your garden, perhaps consider giving them a trim? Now, trimming trees is probably something best left to the professionals, especially if they are mature and tall trees.

However, a professional arborist (also know as a tree surgeon) can frankly work wonders on a tree, especially older ones that have never had the advantage of a trim before. They can cut away dead limbs, trim and shape growth and turn your trees into beautiful, attention-grabbing additions to a well-maintained backyard.

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  1. Decking

Speaking of trees, how about investing in some wood instead, and installing decking? This can really be a true centerpiece of a yard, and by building it in spring, it can take the time to settle and weather slightly before the summer backyard party season gets going!

We also recommend that you consider bringing in the pros to help tackle this upgrade. A company like Corell Timber can ensure that only the finest timber materials are supplied, and a professional builder can assemble the decking – including laying a solid base – that will ensure it lasts and lasts.

  1. BBQ /Outdoor Cooking

What outdoor party season would be complete without a BBQ? This is one of our favorite upgrades as it really encourages people to get out and enjoy the garden.

Just picture it – the sun on your back, sizzling burgers on the grill and a cold beer in your hand – perfection!

Of course, these days you don’t just have a BBQ as a cooking option. For a more unique cooking installation, consider a wood fired pizza oven. This can be an incredible centerpiece for a backyard – and don’t underestimate how amazing fresh pizza cooked in the great outdoors can taste!

  1. Lay a Path

If you’re planning on having gatherings in the backyard, then consider installing a path or paths.

For one thing, they can channel guest’s feet off of and away from lawns and grass. This in turn can help to prolong the life of your lawn and ensure that at the end of summer, you still have a lush carpet of green instead of a patch of dry dust!

It’s also a lovely straightforward project with low costs that can have a real visual impact on your garden – so it’s a win-win situation really.

  1. Make a Pond

Many people shy away from installing ponds. This is usually because the assumption is that they are hard to build and take a lot to maintain.

This can be true if you are building huge and lavish ornamental style ponds, but a wild rock pool can be just as stunning as a water feature with a lot less work.

Consider buying a premade pond base of hard plastic. Dig a hole in a corner, place the base, cover the lip with stones and fill with water.

Chuck in some weeds, pretty aquatic plants and some fish if you want (but you don’t have to). Within a year or two, various wild aquatic flora and fauna will have colonized it. You don’t need to maintain it either, as the wild look is part of the whole aesthetic.

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