Pelvic Floor Muscles

Invisible Muscles Require Exercise

Women frequently forget to exercise the muscles that are inside the body and not visible to the human eye. Muscles that support vital organs like the lower intestines, bladder, and uterus need strengthening just like other muscles in the human body. Strengthening of this muscle group for both men and women is necessary. However, it is women who experience the majority of problems stemming from weak pelvic floor muscles.

Muscle groups such as those that support the uterus, intestine, and bladder require exercise to remain healthy, just as any other muscle in the body. When this muscle group becomes weak due to lack of training many different conditions can occur.

Conditions Caused by Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles

When a woman does not exercise the pelvic muscles, she is likely, over time, to experience urine and bowel leakage, prolapsed intestine, bladder, or uterus, sexual dissatisfaction, and pelvic heaviness and pain, because these important muscles sit under and support these organs.

Proper pelvic muscle exercises are especially important for women who have recently gone through labor and childbirth. These muscles stretch to the maximum during labor and childbirth, which causes them to become weak. These muscles need retraining to regain strength to support the bladder, uterus, and intestine.

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Signs and Symptoms of Poor Pelvic Floor Muscles

Signs and symptoms of dysfunction of pelvic muscles can occur when the muscles are too tight or too stretched.

When these muscles are not working correctly, the woman knows she does not dare to laugh too hard, sneeze, cough, run, or jump for fear of leaking urine or feces.

The woman may have pain in the pelvic area with a heavy feeling in the pelvic area and vagina. She is likely to complain of a sense of something falling or slipping in the abdominal cavity and feel as though she must hold her lower abdomen. She may feel like she has an urgent need to use the restroom. She may have complaints of painful sex.

If the woman has pelvic muscles that are too tight, she needs to only and frequently practice relaxation of these muscles.

What Causes Weakness of Pelvic Floor Muscles?

Natural occurrences and self-inflicted injuries throughout the day can cause pelvic muscles to weaken.

  • Chronic constipation
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Straining of the pelvic muscles
  • Frequent and improper lifting of heavy objects
  • Chronic coughing that accompanies a few chronic illnesses like congestive heart problems and asthma

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

When a woman who does the proper exercises to this muscle group she will see a decrease in signs and symptoms such as heightened sexual enjoyment, less urine leakage, and decreased pain. However, if these muscles are extremely weakened and the bladder and uterus drop, the doctor may recommend surgical intervention to correct the condition and reduce pain.


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