Must Know: Cause and Cost of Flooded Basement

People see basements as an extra space in their home. As these basements have many benefits, but yes everything has its, own benefits and disadvantage too. It is quite common that all the basements are prone to flooding. A water pressure from high to low level, which means your basements, becomes an unwanted swimming pool, and a homeowner has to suffer from lot many difficulties.

But do we know from where this water comes from and what would be the cost to fix the water damage issues? Well, answer keys to this question is not that tough.

Here in this article, we will explain in brief about both the raised questions.

Causes of the flooded basement: Flooding basements are very common to see. There is few generous cause of flooded basements.

Sewer back-ups:

This cause is also one of the factors which cause flooded basements. Many of the suburban homes they have entire drainage pipes which are also known to be sewer tie-in-line lower than the basement floor, allowing all the dirty water to the toilet, kitchen sinks, washbasins, etc. too carried away.

 In many of the cases sewer line faces some damage issue or clogged, and the waterline of this sewer pipe starts rising above and your basement start filling with drainage water as water rushes back to your home. SO, in such case there is the best way to get out of it is to call the plumber and get relief from such situation.

Natural calamity:

Well, natural calamity if one of the major cause of flooded basement. Heavy rain, the unexpected flood situation in normal causes flooded basements. When an excessive amount of water rushes down in a very short period, it overloads the situation of a flooded basement.

 Homeowners majorly updated with waterproof basements, which is tar sealant from both foundation wall sides, which pulls water away from home in the local sewer system, it is also called as weeping tiles. But if the system fails to stops handle the incoming water load, your basement become flooded.

Repair and fixing cast of the flooded basement:

Repairing and fixing cost for these flooded basements is quite a good amount. Well, this repair and fixing cost totally depends on how much water in inflated inside the foundation wall and how much your property is damaged.

After basement flood insurance:

If you have flood basement insurance, then you don’t worry. You can claim for the amount mentioned in the docs in such flooded situation. But do remember that insurance provider will reach and check the damage then accordingly you can claim for it.

Plumbing cost:

If the cause of flooded basement is your sewer drainage pipes or some water leakages in such cases plumbing cost is to pay. In general, minor flood basement damage costs up to 12,000 dollars, which is nominal. But on major issues, the cost may vary.

Well, those who have basements once in their life have to face such flooded basement situation. As per the report of National flood insurance program, America is on top in flood situation, with an average 2-3 billion dollar is claimed per year

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