LEED Certified Projects in Seattle

LEED is one of the few acronyms that any construction managers think about almost all the time. It is defined as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is an accreditation initiative that defines the level of greenness or rather compliance with regards to energy conservation, building resources, air quality and water consumption, a structure is in the process of its construction and much later. In Seattle, it is said that almost all the buildings are LEED certified projects Seattle. It is worthwhile noting that LEED certification is usually in 4 levels. LEED certified projects have between forty and forty-nine credits whereas the silver certified ones have between fifty and fifty-nine credits. The gold projects have between sixty and sixty-nine credits and the projects that get over eighty credits are referred to as platinum. Generally, a firm that has the agenda of gaining recognition and appreciation as a leader in the extremely competitive American construction sector must seek LEED certification first. Going green has already earned enough popularity in the contemporary construction industry and the stability within the sector is likely to ensure green construction is more widespread. Just like has been brought to our notice by scholars in LEED project certification field, LEED is considered an irreplaceable boost to any corporation’s public image and reputation.

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A part from public relations, LEED certified projects have been seen benefiting from substantial tangible incentives. For instance, in accordance with the United States Green Building Council, the LEED certified projects indicate quicker rent-up rates and have a high likelihood of qualifying for a vast scope of incentives such as zoning allowances and tax discounts. More importantly, these projects have a tendency of maintaining or rather retaining superior property values, which then allows them to attract more of the commercial construction firms to the industry. And in as far as the residential construction firms are concerned, LEED certified properties are evidently selling way quicker and for relatively higher prices. In Seattle and even other states, it is possible for a project owner to get a 2000 USD tax discount for their efforts in constructing environmentally-friendly buildings. It is also possible and easy for construction firms to advertise to potential home owners that a project with LEED certification have the potential of lowering their insurance premium by averagely five percent, and that their premise’s worth will have a high possibility of increasing over time in comparison to similar non-LEED certified projects.

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