Important Tips for Rodent Control

Rodents seem to be everywhere. While it’s very difficult to rodent proof your outdoor space, there are ways to make it less attractive to rodents. By making the outdoor space less hospitable, you always make it less likely that they will enter your home. The following are tips for rodent control burbank ca residents can use.

Schedule an Inspection

An inspection by a qualified pest control company is your first line of defense against rodents. The specialists will inspect your home to see if there are points of easy entrance for the rodents. They can also set traps around the perimeter of the home, if needed.

Clean Up After Pets

If you have dogs, clean up after them. While their waste is not at all attractive to humans, it’s extremely attractive to rats. Scoop the yard daily, in order to keep it clean. Also, avoid feeding pets outdoors. The food will attract rodents, and other animals.

Keep Trash Covered

Leaving trash cans out without lids, is like ringing the dinner bell for rodents. Your trash is like a delicious buffet. Invest in heavy, quality trash bins and never leave loose trash outside of the bin where it is easily accessible.

Keep your Outdoor Space Tidy

The more places that rodents have to hide, the happier they are. If you have old tires, wood and various other items in the yard, clean it up. A neat yard is less inviting to rodents.

Listen for Sounds in the Walls and Attic

Often, if you do have rodents, they will make their home in walls or in the attic. As soon you hear sounds that signal their presence call for help. Rodents multiply quickly, the sooner they are removed from the house the better. Don’t give them a chance to get established. They can wreak havoc on the home’s electric work, and they can be quite destructive.

Know What to Look For

There are telltale signs that you are sharing your home with a rodent. Check your pantry often to look for holes chewed in boxes and bags. They also chew through pet food bags. Check corners, closets and other secluded places for rodent droppings. If you have furniture, such as a hutch, that sits undisturbed, move it to check for droppings under it. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to do this and find a rodent nest underneath. This is sometimes the first sign that they seem to indicate that rodents are present.

While living with rodents is unpleasant and something that no one wants to do, try to stay calm if you do find that they have found their way into your home. An experienced pest control company can quickly get them out, and help you keep them out. The most important things are to not make your property welcoming and stay alert so that you can evict them as soon as possible, if they do find their way into your home.

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