How to Repair A Pressure Washer Pump

Being an adult comes with responsibilities. It means you can handle and make little repairs to damaged equipment in your home – from your car to withering plant in the garden. Having little knowledge of the inner components of a device or machine gives you an insight and an instinct to correct functional anomalies.

The pump of a pressure washer is what moves the water with that force through that tiny aperture at the nozzle. Before you take the machine to a technician, there are a few things you can do if it comes faulty, even if the pump is of a high grade like one of the laveuse à pression électrique Unimanix.

#1: Locate the sight glass of the pressure washer

This glass shows the amount of oil in the machine’s tank. It’s usually at the sides you’ve most definitely seen it.


#2: A problem could be that the oil is cloudy

This means that because of the function of the machine, it has somehow gotten water mixed up with the oil in the tank. Get out some of the oil using a siphon and observe. If it is mixed with water, siphon out all of it and with a new oil, refill the tank. Take note that pressure washers use specific oils, check the manual for oil specifications. Remove the oil cap with your fingers and fill. As you do this, ensure you do not extend the maximum level or oil required.


#3: Check the flow in the pump

If you have normal flow from the pump by using the primers on the side of the machine. If the flow you get is not good enough, press the primer a few more times and start the pressure washer. Press the primer again to see the response of the pump. If it’s not satisfactory, put off the machine and remove them.

#4: Remove the discharge hose from the pump

You should be able to remove it by unscrewing and turning the hose against the pressure washer in the anti-clockwise direction.

#5: Removing the discharge hose means air will escape from the pump

Allow this to happen them close it back with the hose in the reverse way that you removed it.

#6: If you are using a chemical strainer, remove it from the hose

Chattering noise from the pump while it is working would mean the chemical strainer is clogged. From beneath the strainer, open it after disconnecting it from the hose. Flush the strainer with water using a brush to clean it through. After that, connect it back to the pressure washer. Start the pressure washer, there shouldn’t be any noise now. If problems persist, you can contact a technician.

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