How to Maximise the Storage Space in Your Garage

Garages are often among the most neglected spaces in the house, but they’re also one of the most useful.

Aside from being a place to park your car, they’re an important space to store all manner of items, tools and often, just clutter and junk!

This means that garages often become something of a dumping ground, so if you’re struggling to keep yours organised and clean, here’s a quick guide to optimising your garage’s storage space.


Shelving and cabinets are the most useful form of garage storage, but if space is limited in your garage, there are a couple of ways that you can make them work a little bit better for you.

The first is mobile cabinets which are mounted on wheels, which can easily be wheeled out of the way as and when needed.

The second is adjustable (or modular) shelving, which can be added to and modified to suit your storage needs. (You can check out some adjustable shelving solutions here.)

If you only have room for one cabinet, make sure it’s a good one which reaches up as far to the ceiling as possible as this is the ideal place to keep stuff out of sight.

Overhead Storage

If you’ve run out of wall space, then it’s time to get create and look up to the ceiling. Ceiling space can be a lifesaver if you install some racks.

Overhead storage is ideal for storing seasonal items and things that you know that you’re not going to be needing for a while, as it’s obviously trickier to get stuff up and down from there.

If you have beams running across the top of the garage, you can simply lay boards across to make a new level, but make sure these are secure and that you only store lighter items.

Even if you don’t have this kind of ceiling space to make use of, it still helps to think vertically.

For example, wall racks for things such as bikes can go a long way to freeing up some of that precious floor space and keeps everything in easy view.

Have a Clear Out

The main reason people struggle for space in their garages is the sheer amount of stuff that they have stored in there, much of which is junk that they don’t really need.

According to “While it might take a little while, consider setting aside a day for a big garage clear out. You’d be surprised at just how much space it could create and it also feels great!

“Try not to hang on to stuff just because you think you might need it at some point in the future and you’ll soon see a difference in the amount of space available to you.”

For loads more really smart ideas on how to save space in your garage, we definitely recommend checking out this post from Family Handyman which outlines 51 different ways to organise your garage.

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