Holy candles for your spiritual upliftment

Burning a candle and giving voice to your desires and wishes have a positive effect on your life because candles act as a spiritual conduit between the mortal world and god. Saying your affirmations meaning positive thoughts before a lit candle can help you in improving your health, achieving success in your career path, manage relationships efficiently and fulfilling any wish or desire.

The website wisdomproducts.com brings you a plethora of candles specially designed for spiritual pursuits. The following are just some of the many such candles in the collection of this online store.

50 hour glass candles

50 hour Holy Death candle is an orange candle with a label of Holy Death. This candle is burnt for bringing good fortune and getting protection against evil forces. Other similar candles include Sacred Heart of Jesus candle, Our Lady Guadalupe candle, St. Martin Caballero candle and much more. These spiritual candles can have a burning capacity of 2 days, hence the name.

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14 days glass candles

14 day candles have a very high burning capacity of 240 hours. These are about nine inches in length and 4 inches in width. Some examples include the following.

St. Michael 14 days candle is red in colour with a label bearing the image of St. Michael. This candle is burnt to become courageous and get protection against enemies. Recite the verses invoking the blessings of the Archangel St. Michael in front of the burning candle to get the benefits.

Uncrossing Protection from Evil 14 days candle is a purple coloured spiritual glass candle which is burnt to get rid of curses, hexes and crossed conditions.

7 day and 4 day glass candles are also available in different colours and designs. Each type of spiritual candle has a specific purpose which is mentioned clearly in the website.


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