Guide To Roof Pressure Washing

Cleaning your roof not only improves its aesthetic value but also kills algae and other microorganisms that actually feed on roofing materials exposing them to serious damages that are expensive to repair. Spot cleaning will not effectively clean algae from your roof. This is an indication that the entire roof is infected and needs thorough cleaning. Consider hiring an expert roof cleaner to professionally clean your roof. Depending on the state of your roof, an expert cleaner may either use pressure washing or chemical washing. This guide will help you choose the right cleaning method for your roof.

Two Main MethodsFor Roof Cleaning

The black spots you see on your roof are algae and can be removed in different ways. Professional roof cleaners normally use either of these methods to remove algae from your roof:

  • Pressure washing – This cleaning method applies high pressurised water delivered via a power washer to loosen and wash away dirt, grime, algae, mold and other damaging elements from the roof.
  • Chemical cleaning – Chemicals are the major cleaning agents used in this method to dissolve dirt, kill algae and mold which are then rinsed off with water.

Each of the above a roof cleaning methods has its own pros and cons. It’s good to understand both of them before selecting one that will work for your roof.

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How Pressure Washing Cleans A Roof

Consider pressure washing your concrete or metallic roof to prevent damage from the high water intensity. There is likelihood of damage on shingles with pressure washing. Washing should start at the peak of the roof downwards. Cleaning should be done in the direction of shingles to enable water flow over them and run down the roof. Blasting water between tiles or shingles will loosen the seal and expose your roof to water damage. The wand should be kept just close enough to loosen moss and mildew. The distance between the wand and the roof should be maintained at 30 cm. More than 1,500 psi can be very damaging. Reduce the water pressure if you begin noticing grits of the roofing material accumulating in the gutter. Use of detergent to remove dirt is optional in this cleaning method.

How To Clean A Roof With Chemicals

Chemical cleaning can be used on a variety of roofs like shingles, tiles or concrete. Chlorine bleach and sodium hydroxide are commonly used. Roof cleaning chemicals easily kill algae, moss and mold growing on the roof and are capable of removing tough stains from the roof. Chlorine is mild than sodium hydroxide but an effective roof cleaner.

If you are intending to clean the roof by yourself, opt for chlorine cleaners as they are much safer than other cleaning solutions. If your roof is very dirty, let a professional do the cleaning because they have the experience in handling the harshest of chemicals.

One part of chlorine bleach should bemixed with one part of water. The solution is then sprayed on the roof and let to sit in for sometime. Safe detergents may also be used in very dirty roofs for extra cleanliness. This should then be rinsed off with low pressure water.

Safety Tips

  • Safety gear and eye protection should be worn at all times when handling chemical cleaning solutions because they can easily irritate the skin and eyes.
  • It’s important to rinse bleach completely from the roof because it can easily corrode metal roofing materials.
  • Trees, shrubs, grass and other plants underneath should always be protected from bleach because they can die if contaminated. Covering with a tarp can be helpful.
  • Avoid stepping ona wet roof if it has algae. Algae is very slippery when moist and can risk you to fatal falls from the pitch of your roof.
  • Always keep in mind that power washers utilise high pressure. You should therefore never aim the water jet on another person or on pets. The strong jet can slice through the skin, chip walls and even break windows.

Finally, trust your instincts when it comes to cleaning your roof. Hire a professional roof cleaner for your safety. Experts in the job also have right skills and are well equippedwith standard equipment to clean out different contaminants from a variety of roofing materials.

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