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Everybody wants their home to look the better from others and people spend lots of money for this. They want their home to look as appealing as it can so as to make other jealous. For this purpose, they choose expensive floorings, wall claddings; hire interior designers and much more. Most of the interior designers in the UK prefer oak wood to renovate a home by applying it as flooring or wall claddings. But how their labor works out, in the end, depends on the quality of materials that were used in the start.

There are many flooring wood suppliers in London or the rest of the UK, but most interior designers will agree that Reclaimed Flooring Co. is superior to others. The reason is higher quality and authentic products at reasonable prices. Any project with floor planks from Reclaimed Flooring Co. is bound to end up gorgeous. The wooden floor planks available at this online store are carefully handcrafted by expert artisans and wood specialists. Firm consideration is expended on minute details and making the pieces perfect in every aspect- be it color, size, shape etc.

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This online store provides wooden flooring for both commercial and residential projects. Their entire projects are in collaboration with the UK’s leading interior designers. You can see their project catalog to know more about the successful projects they have undertaken in past before commenting to do business with them.

Why choose Reclaimed Flooring Co.?

  • Every flooring product available on this website is uniquely handcrafted from scratch. There is no sense of duplicity in their products.
  • Reclaimed Flooring Co. only delivers authentic products made hand finished from natural products. Even polishing is done using natural extracts and oil instead of artificial solvents.
  • The best advantage of choosing Reclaimed Flooring Co. is their reasonable prices for different types of wood available on their website. Their products are cheaper with the same products than its competitions.

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