Facts about Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless glass balustradeeffortlessly defines boundaries without interruption, offering incomparable safety standards and the perfect finish to any balcony, decking or patio area. Manufactured as per client’s needs, the finished product will be of very high standard.

Always choose the right frameless system for you and enhance your outdoor living space with these useful facts.

  1. The frameless glass balustrade solution can be designed for both external and internal use, withstanding the harshest environments. They are not only installed in residential projects but also at public spaces such as parks, corporate buildings, and shopping centers. For residential properties, frameless glass balustrades are well-suited in thebackyard and pool-side railing.
  1. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional stair railings and balcony orders; frameless glass balustrade offers a stylish option. It is not only modern and chic but also a very subtle styling statement. It is perfect for anyone who wants to give a highly polished look to their house while increasing the home value at the same time.
  1. Many tangible benefits go along with a frameless glass balustrade besideaccentuating aesthetic appeal. They are also weather-resistant, easy to clean and also light on thepocket as compared to the value that it delivers. With just a swipe using soapy water, you can get asparkling clean look back again in no time.
  1. Some of the pieces are virtually hidden in their placement making it look like the balustrade is holding itself. It is a magical look that you and your guests are sure to appreciate. You can always be sure of the safety of your glass balustrade; most balustrade glass is 12mm thick. There isa number of handrail options to choose from with your balustrade, as well.

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  1. Depending on what you like and what goes with your décor, you can use top mounted rails (whichblend into it seamlessly to offer a free and clear view). The slim slide mounted rails that can be affixed to walls that are already in place around the stairs or the balcony, or to the posts at either end of the balustrade.
  1. You can always have exactly the look you prefer. Your frameless glass balustrade can be cut to any size or shape, which allows you to give your house a unique and customized look.
  1. The glass in the balustrade is usually installed with protection screen which shields from any external attacks. These kinds of glasses are also known as break safety glass. You can also opt for resin glass panels that are based on resins to prevent the glass from breakage. If you want extra privacy, the glass can also be frosted.
  1. You can even get your frameless glass balustradecan be integrated with any existing stairway, balcony, deck or patio. If you want the best in balustrades, choose a frameless glass balustrade.

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