Expert Moving Advice from Professional Movers

When planning a move, the first thing that comes to mind is to properly manage your move from your current location to your new one. Moving is a process that is comprised of many overwhelming aspects such as finding the right professional moving company, getting different packing tools and equipment and adequately packing your belongings. if you’re a person with a full schedule, you might not even get time to manage all this. This is why many professional movers provide the facility to do everything for you. They pack and ship your belongings to your new home without you having to worry.

Professional movers Knoxville TN offer expert advice from professional movers. With years of experience they can manage any imaginable scenario regarding the moving processes. They are always happy to guide you to some expert tips that that will ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound:

If you own china and glassware, you should pack them using a dish pack. This is a double wall constructed sturdy carton that is designed to minimize impact on the dishes. This corrugated carton is used for fragile items that are smaller than 18 inches in size.

Mirrors are, perhaps, one of the most delicate items and require special preparation. It is best to use a padded carton. You can also try to get a flat box with edge and corner protection. There is definitely a decent variety of specifically designed boxes for moving purposes.

Washers and dryers are delicate appliances despite having sturdy outer body. They can be damaged in the process of moving if not secured properly with packaging material. Their drums should be secured adequately. Since these appliances are expensive, losing them would require costly replacements.

Packing soft materials or goods is basically the easiest job and it goes without saying, however, packing them in an organized way ensures you don’t go looking through many boxes when you need them. If you’re particular about packing you can also use wardrobe boxes for blankets, sheets, tablecloths and towels.

With draperies, curtains and rugs you must make sure you have them vacuumed and cleaned before packing them away as they tend to trap dust the most. This way you can make sure you’re not carrying any dust to the new house.

If you have a lot of food in storage, make sure you sort through which ones you can pack for your movers to move because there are laws that restrict some types of perishable goods. It is best to check with your moving company regarding these prohibitions.

Small items such as clocks, radios and other appliances should be packed with extra padding to keep their delicate electronics intact. You should wrap each appliance individually.

When moving your refrigerator, you have to be very careful with cleaning and preparation because many factors such as a change in temperate and a poor air flow can adversely affect your fridge during the move. Make sure when your fridge is ready to be moved you have a sturdy string or rope tied all around it. This makes sure the door doesn’t lose its fitting by flinging open.

To expect a satisfactory service it is your responsible to evaluate the company’s reputation and how well it complies with federal regulations. In order to avoid any complications, you must completely understand the terms of your move.

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