Crowdfunding for dance production

Where traditional fundraising has not been able to raise funds, crowdfunding has been the way forward for many creative projects. It is no surprise that crowdfunding India through sites like Impact Guru has changed the way dance companies fundraise. The idea of raising money online through small contributions from a large number of people came onto the dance scene at the zenith of the great depression, right when big authentic donors and corporate humanitarianism programs had less money to allocate. Hundreds of entertainment professionals have raised millions to see their visions come to life through this platform.

How does crowdfunding work?

  1. Select a platform – There are several crowdfunding India websites like Impact Guru, Milaap, Ketto, Wishberry, etc. Choose the right platform and create a project. There is a list of things that you need to look at before choosing a platform. Some platforms charge higher prices when compared to others. Choose a platform with more reach and less fee. Also, compare the number of successful campaigns in the crowdfunding sites. See what each platform offers and why and if they’ll work for you. Look at what platforms have worked for projects similar to the one you’re making.
  2. Lay a goal – Decide on the amount you want to raise and the duration under which you want to raise the said amount. Always set the goal amount slightly higher than the required amount.
  3. Make your idea look attractive – In order to grab the attention of the donors make sure your fundraiser story has some video content or imagery. This will help in grabbing the attention of your potential donors. Make sure the story is detailed and has an emotional touch to it while providing a break-up cost. This gives the donors the exact idea of how the funds will be utilized.
  4. Share your campaign – Sharing your story extensively with your network of people, some of whom you know and some you don’t is the easiest way to reach donors across cities and countries. Posting your fundraiser on an online platform like Facebook or Twitter is the easiest way to find funders for your dance production.
  5. Offer rewards – Offering an attractive set of rewards for your crowdfunding campaign is a great way to draw in donors. Giving people elite and exclusive options can be a brilliant method of fundraising. The rewards can be anything ranging from discounted tickets to the event to VIP seating, from backstage access to meet and greet with the dancers. Do not offer rewards if you cannot fulfill it. Be sure that you and your team can deliver the rewards.

With these simple tips, you’ll surely hit the right notes and gain support from the perfect audience to fund your crowdfunding initiative. Start your crowdfunding campaign with Impact Guru today!

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