Composite Decking Advantages

Over the past few years composite decking has rose in popularity amazingly, and hopefully after reading this blog post you will understand why! Composite decking provides a simple, no-fuss option in more than ways than one, making it a popular choice for both builders and homeowners. Today we are going to be listing some of the benefits for all to consider, explaining why composite decking in London and across the globe is quickly becoming the number 1 flooring choice. Keep on reading at your peril…

Composite Decking Benefits

Safety – To many peoples delight, unlike traditional wooden decking, composite decking is slip-resistant and splinter-free, making for far less accidents and injuries. Not only this, but it also boats innovative fittings – it does not require nails or screws and therefore can be walked on safely even when bare-foot.

Upkeep – Composite decking is possibly the flooring choice which is the absolute easiest to look after and maintain. Requiring only occasional and periodic cleaning, composite decking can look great for many years, and most stains and marks can be easily cleaned with water, soap and bleach solutions. When it comes to cleaning composite decking people should be sure to follow specific guides for their chosen flooring.

Durability – Traditional decking is known to become weathered easily – it is easily changed by harsh rain and blistering heat, putting many people off. Composite decking on the other hand is much greater; it holds high resistant to mould and won’t splint or rot and also boasts a great UV-stability meaning it can handle much more sun exposure and more.

Composite decking can last over 30 years, providing that it is built and maintained in the best ways. This is a really long time especially when you take into consideration that traditional decking can only last between 15-20 years at the most.

Design–Composite decking is now available in many different styles, colours and designs – allowing for all to choose composite decking which 100% meets their individual needs and requirements. Some of the colours available for examples include Amber, Cinnamon, Greenwich, Luna, Polar, Mocha and Silver. There really is options to suit all environments amazingly, meaning that no one has to settle for less than the best.

Cost – Composite decking can of course cost slightly more than wood, however it is definitely worth it especially when you take into consideration that it lasts longer, looks greater and is easier to maintain.  Composite decking in fact, is the perfect investment!

A Composite Brand to Consider

If you are considering purchasing composite decking, then it is vital that you choose a reputable composite brand in order to ensure you are getting the best out there. One great composite decking collection for example is Design Board. Whatever style you’re looking for, whether it be traditional or contemporary, Design Board will hold an option perfect for you. Don’t hesitate to take a look online today, we are sure that you will be blown away.

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