Coffee with Celebrity  Interior decorator Sheetal Balwani

Tell us something about you Sheetal ?

As my company name is “Design Ambiance by Sheetal Balwani”, this name directly came from my heart. I think that the Ambience in which we spend out most of the time affect directly on our mind and reflect how are we feeling. Hence, my work is not only to provide a beautiful space but also have many hidden grounds.

How is design ambience different from others?

One can notice that my designs carry all type of materials from lower to higher which proves that its not essential to use higher range to give a high end look. It is important to utilize all the space and that to by avoiding congested and narrow spaces.

What is your USP ?

My biggest USP is my own expertise to understand client’s dream which he/she might not be able to explain in words. I provide language to their imagination and they feel happy to relate. For me the higher sense of happiness is when my clients just love the designs prepared for their space in one go because I simply gave a picture to their dream which they were not been able to explain.

I never believe imposing trends on my clients rather I just feel myself at their place and try to create something which can describe their personality and enhance their space in their budgets. My consultancy gives required knowledge to the clients about the work I am planning for their project. Every single person in the family are different and comes with different requirements. Hence, my work is to think from their prospect and to give something which they can feel and love to accept.

Sometimes, I need to design room for the person who is not permanently staying in the family and not available to share his/her requirements and taste. Here I needs to work upon the common choices of the person like how a bachelor room should look like which will gonna turn into couple room in few years, or a person who is engineering student would want his room.

What makes you so successful in this business ?

My thought process never runs on straight “Yes” or “No”. I always provide solution and alternative for the concern clients are facing. For me nothing is new and old, Its all about how I can use any theme or material to create that one single stage loved by the client, no matter if I am going for something old or which is out of the box or may be not in the trend. At the end it should be loved by the person who is using the space.

I am in this profession since 5 years and done more than 50 successful projects. I always receive best compliments not only for my designs but also for being professional, understanding, punctual for handover dates and Authenticity.

You can see Sheetal’s international style decorations here.

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