Children’s Fantasy Beds

A fantasy theme bedroom for a child provides the perfect environment for nurturing creativity and imagination.

In the fun years of childhood, children can feel free to explore the world of their imagination. Fantasy is a vital influence during the formative years, nurturing creativity and allowing children to explore their dreams and feelings. The perfect children’s bedroom is designed around a fantasy theme, providing the ideal environment to explore the inner world of imagination.

A custom bed can be focal point of a child’s fantasy bedroom. A variety of fantasy theme beds are available to create the perfect bedroom for any child.

Fantasy Castle Beds

A fantasy castle bed appeals to both boys and girls. For girls, it fits in with the popular princess fantasy. Living in a castle and wearing beautiful ball gowns and a tiara is a dream that makes a little girl feel special. Sleeping in a bed that’s designed to look like a castle is one of the best ways to fulfil a little girl’s dream of being a princess.

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Boys like to imagine themselves as a knight or king, slaying dragons or ruling a vast kingdom. A castle theme bed provides the perfect setting for a little boy to dream of a medieval world of horses, armour and wizards.

One of the leading builders of children’s castle beds is a company called On their website you can see examples of custom-built castle beds that include turrets and towers. Their beds feature custom painting that simulates stonework. They will also add decorative painting such as a coat of arms, climbing plants and even flowers and butterflies.

The Bed Market can build a castle bed with two levels, with a sleeping area above and play area below. They can also incorporate bunk beds, Murphy beds and trundle beds into the structure of a castle theme bed. The bed can be designed to include customized storage shelves and cupboards. A staircase can be added to provide access to the upper level, with a wooden slide providing a fun way to get down.

Tree House Beds

For children who love nature and animals, a tree house bed will provide hours of imaginative fun. The Bed Market sells a Tropical Tree House bed made from real bamboo, complete with realistic palm trees, a thatched roof and a wood and rope ladder to the second-story bed.

A bedroom that includes a tropical tree house bed can be decorated with either a beach or a jungle theme. A little surfer or explorer will love playing and sleeping in his or her personal tree house bed. The Bed Market also sells customized kids’ furniture made of bamboo to coordinate with a tree house bed.

In addition to tropical tree house beds, The Bed Market has built forest tree house beds with sturdy oak trees supporting a rustic tree house. A ladder is available to climb to the tree house and bed, and a wooden slide provides a quick ride down.

If You Can Dream It…

The Bed Market has created a wide variety of theme beds for children, including Star Wars beds, race car beds, princess beds and sports theme beds. Each design is custom painted with realistic detail and each piece is built to be safe and sturdy. The final product is a high-end piece of furniture that will provide years of childhood enjoyment.

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