Apply Solar Geysers for affordable water heating

In today’s world where people want to lead a comfortable life, water Heaters have become an integral part of their lives. The reason behind is that people use hot water for daily use for bathing, washing clothes, utensils, and other commercial uses. So, people use  water heaters to fulfill their hot water needs but this can put a lot of strain on your pocket. Regular electric water heater consumes a lot of electricity and it contributes a lot in your electric bill. But there is an alternative which is more cost-effective than these.

The Solar geyser uses solar energy or heat radiation from sunlight to heat water. It is a device which is installed on the roof of a building or an open space where sunlight can reach easily. Solar geysers consist of a solar thermal collector, an insulated storage tank which store heated water and connecting pipes. The collector is made up of copper tubes welded on copper sheets and connected to the water supply. It absorbs heat radiation from sunlight and heats the water in its tubes which is then collected in the storage tank for usage. The storage tank is insulated from inside so heat loss is minimal and can keep water hot overnight.

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The invention of the solar geysers has provided people the alternative to use free, clean and renewable solar energy to tend to their water heating needs. Solar geysers reduce a person’s dependence on electricity for heating water and save them money on electricity bills.

Features which make the solar geysers a reliable source to hot water

  1. Eco-friendly:- As solar geysers use solar energy which is a clean source of energy, they don’t cause pollution and are environment-friendly.
  2. Cost Effective:-They do not use electricity so they help in cutting electric bills.
  3. Longer Life:-These systems have a longer life than electric water heaters as the both collector and the storage tank is made of metal and is fixed. Only the water moves inside the tubes.
  4. Low maintenance:-Solar geysers have low maintenance and the maintenance period is also longer.
  5. Safety:-Solar geysers are installed on the roof and they don’t use electricity, so there is no danger of electric shocks and are relatively safer.

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