Amazing Treasures You Didn’t Know Were at Your Local Hardware Store

How can I fix a frayed cable? Who makes keys near me? How do I assemble this crazy Dutch furniture? These simple questions will all lead you to a hardware store. While you can certainly pop in for quick tasks and a little advice, your hardware store is a treasure trove that you may not fully understand. Modern technological marvels hide among the hammers and nails. The next time you need to pop into your local store, look and see if they have any of this awesome stuff.

Magnetic Paint

 Just as it sounds, this is paint that turns any surface magnetic. Perfectly safe, you simply apply a coat to a surface and magnets will stick to it just like a refrigerator door.

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 Rubber Spray

 This effectively puts rubber surfacing in an aerosol can. It works great to seal surfaces, create grips and anything else you can imagine. Some of the more impressive displays have shown people plugging boats to make them seaworthy and creating temporary shoes for messy projects.

 Silicon Tape

 If you’re among the masses who adore the versatility of duct tape, it’s time for a new favorite. Silicone tape bonds only to itself, which effectively makes it a double-sided adhesive that can wrap anything. Being silicon, it is completely waterproof, can withstand temperatures up to 500° Fahrenheit and stretches without losing strength. If you truly want the tape that can fix anything, here it is.


 This nifty find is a personal favorite. Competing with silicon tape for versatility, Sugru is a malleable substance that easily molds to any shape. Once it sits overnight, it hardens into rubber. This enables it to repair broken wires, seal leaks, bond objects and do any job to precise for an aerosol spray.

 Chalk/White Board Spray Paint

 These have both made recent appearances on home improvement shows. You can choose whiteboard or chalkboard. In either case, you simply spray the surface in question and let it dry. Once done, you have a rewritable surface that is great for leaving messages, solving problems or simply having some fun.


If you’ve ever used super glue (and who hasn’t?), then you understand how clunky, messy and awkward it is. When you really need a strong bonding substance for repairs, Bondic is the wonder tool. It is essentially a liquid plastic. The coolest part is that it hardens when you shine UV light at it. This makes it almost infinitely applicable and a stronger alternative to glue.

Just remember: the next time you’re wondering “who makes keys near me?” you have an opportunity to change your DIY world.


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