Achieve Your Design Dreams with Paving Specialists

Concrete and natural stone paving solutions are staples in landscaping, championed by commercial firms and weekend DIYers alike.

Paving’s functionality and aesthetics work together to produce effective and pleasing results in any size space, from urban garden to courtyard area, a patio for entertaining to a wending pathway. There’s a paving solution to suit all pockets, tastes and applications.


  • Pathways.
  • Driveways. (Some products are more robust than others.)
  • Shed or garden room flooring.
  • Outdoor kitchen.
  • Barbeque spaces.
  • Entertaining areas.
  • Communal areas.
  • To surround ponds, water features, statues, ornamental items.
  • As a ground level feature. e.g. octagonal or circular designs.

Mother Nature crafts the natural stone paving over thousands of years so no two pieces are identical. Each material offers its own finish and personality.

Natural paving options:

  • Clay.
  • Granite.
  • Indian sandstone.
  • Limestone.
  • Porcelain.
  • Slate.
  • Travertine and marble.
  • Yorkstone.

Leading manufacturers include Stonemarket, Global Stone, Rivar and Bradstone. Their attention to detail, experience, knowledge and commitment to ethically sourced natural paving solutions has helped Indian Sandstone paving to become a firm favourite in the UK.

Landscaping materials suppliers including Rivar Sand and Gravel in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham stock and can order unique, captivating, cost effective Indian sandstone paving to make your experience positive.  They’ll be happy to advise on installation, maintenance, ancillary products and benefits; make the most of having an expert on hand.

  • Buff brown Global Stone Indian sandstone paving features a riven texture, elegant browns, beiges and exquisite patterns. The project pack covers 13.65 metres squared.

Slab sizes are mixed:

  • 855mm x 570mm x 12.
  • 570mm x 570mm x 13.
  • 570mm x 285mm x 15.
  • 285mm x 285mm x 15.
  • A 2.8m diameter circle in modak rose has three rings and a central slab. Global Stone also manufacture a squared off design measuring 2.5m x 2.5m.
  • A 2.5m diameter octagon in Indian sandstone paving is delightful in mint or modak rose.  One centre stone with three outer rings delivers fresh, modern and stylish results.

A circular or octagonal pre-cut Global Stone Indian sandstone paving project pack is ideal if you don’t want to design and cut pieces to size but aim to install an eye-catching, value for money feature that endures.

  • Artisan Mirage Castle Grey sandstone paving has a classic alluring appearance which works in contemporary and traditional schemes and delivers a beautiful backdrop to planting. The paving can be installed indoors and outside to add continuity.
  • Raj Green Gardenstone sandstone paving offers exceptional quality, a sophisticated finish, warming colours and a timeless appeal. Packs cover 19.2 metres squared and feature mixed slab sizes.

Natural stone paving suppliers can deliver your paving, other landscaping materials and aggregates to site at your convenience and they would advise that you contact them at the earliest opportunity as many of these Indian Sandstone paving options have a short lead time and must be ordered. To avoid unnecessary delays in your task accomplishment, please plan ahead.

Whatever your design concept, wherever your paving needs to be installed, a trip to paving specialists can provide astonishing results.

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