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If you search, “senior residential care Camarillo,” you’ll be presented with a list of care homes for seniors in the area including Sally’s Residential Care Home, located in Camarillo, CA. One of the services we offer is medication monitoring, among many others. This particular service entails more than just the administration of the residents’ drugs.

What is Medication Monitoring?
Medication monitoring does consist of a trained professional administering the prescribed medications to the resident at the designated times. Moreover, this staff member, and many other staff members, are trained at monitoring the resident to ensure side effects don’t occur. If we do notice any signs of a reaction, a nurse works with the patient’s primary care physician to make medication changes to ensure the patient’s safety and create a medication regimen and schedule that suits the resident’s needs.

If we notice any signs of a medical condition or a change in the resident’s health, we consult with the primary care physician directly. This guarantees the resident’s condition is regulated to prevent any serious complications. We’ll make the necessary changes on our end that the doctor recommends or prescribes to control the condition.

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We maintain accurate documentation of the resident’s medications and when they were given. We also make sure that our records are up to date in terms of the most recent medication changes. We help our residents who prefer, and are able, to administer their medications on their own under close supervision. We take inventory of all resident medications and have them set up on a regular scheduling order or conduct the ordering process ourselves when medications are low, depending on the resident’s pharmacy of choice. This guarantees none of our patients go without their medications at any time. We deal with medication-related emergencies as well. Our staff is trained to recognize the signs of a medical emergency entailing a medication. What we can’t handle within our facility, we request the assistance of the local emergency medical services immediately.

Benefits of Medication Monitoring 
As changes in the brain occur with age, a person begins to lose certain aspects of his or her memory, which worsens over time. Although this isn’t true in every individual, it is true for some. Unfortunately, these changes in the brain can lead to a person forgetting his or her medications or possibly administering the wrong medication or administering it at the wrong time. These medication errors can decrease a person’s level of overall health and could even lead to a serious medical complication. We administer the medications exactly as prescribed. We continuously monitor each resident, so medication changes are always made as needed. We take the stress off of a resident and their families with our medication monitoring services.

If you’ve searched “senior residential care Camarillo,” Sally’s Residential Care Home is an ideal option if you’re looking for quality care in the Camarillo area. Contact us at 805-701-1246 to schedule a tour or learn more about who we are and what we provide our residents.

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