3 Popular Bathroom Floor Finish Ideas

In terms of home design, most people focus on the kitchen.  That makes sense, of course, since designers and contractors and realtors will typically recommend this space as the wisest investment, where you will get the most return.  Typically, the bathroom is often considered the least important in terms of resale value. However, if you really want to improve the look and feel of your home’s lavatories, you could add a few simple touches.  For example, over the past few years we have seen a couple bathroom flooring trends grow.


Metallic and mirrored kitchen backsplash tile finishes have been growing in popularity the past few years.  In the bathroom, however, matte finish tiles have been more popular. While mirrored/metallic effects are smart choices in small spaces—because it helps to make them feel bigger—the effect seems to be lost on the bathroom.  Perhaps this is because many homeowners would prefer the bathroom to be more relaxing than vibrant.

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In addition, matte finishes help to reflect just the right amount of natural and artificial light.  Mirrored and metallic finishes can reflect too much light (as mentioned above). Thus a matte finish can actually help a bathroom to feel more elegant and more understated.


Another trend to grow over the past few years, include more nude and neutral finish Carreaux Metro tuiles pour salle de bain.  This seems to be a bit on trend, too, since nude/neutral finishes accomplish the same subtlety as matte finishes.  In a bathroom, these types of finishes lend to a sense of quiet, relaxation, solitude, calm, and comfort. Again, this can also be the type of thing that you can expand with extended tiles or with complementary tones.


While ceramic and porcelain tiles continue to be a popular option (because they are affordable and easy to maintain, for the most part) stone is also growing in popularity. Slate tiles might not be an aesthetic that everyone appreciates—after all, they are difficult to maintain (especially in a hot and humid bathroom)—but they are actually better than hardwood, which has long been a popular choice. Still, stone tiles are nearly impervious to water damage and, quite favorably, are naturally slip resistant.  And because they are all natural, you can complement them with many other earth tones as well as other accents that might feel at home among earth tones and natural textiles.

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