10 Important Facts You Should Know about Grass

Grass has become part of our everyday life, as humans. When you go to the park and relax with your loved ones, you pull out your mat and place it on top of the grass, your yard is filled with lush green grass which you trim every now and then, and even the beef we eat is gotten from grass-eating cattle.

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There is actually much more about grass than what you know. Here are 10 important facts about grass that you should know:

  1. Technically, grasses are called “Graminoids” and they fall under herbaceous plants which have narrow leaves growing from the base. Going further, grasses are of three types – Poaceae (Grasses). Cyperaceae (Bullrushes, Sedges) and Juncaceae (Rushes).
  2. Twenty percent of the Earth is covered with grasslands. There are several types of habitats that have grasslands and they dominate both tropical and temperate areas of land.
  3. We consume grass in many of the foods and drinks which include bread, whiskey, and beer. They are usually in form of barley grass and wheatgrass. You might just want to know that.
  4. There are more than 10,000 types of grass species across the world which is just a fraction of the total number of plant species existing. There are about a million plant species with 350,000 of them having names.
  5. Grass is one of the oldest known living things on the face of the earth. Scientists have claimed that one of the species of seagrass within the Mediterranean Sea dates back to over 20,000 years back which makes it one of the oldest living things ever discovered.
  6. The chlorophyll in grass is responsible for the green color of grass and it is found in most plants. The work of chlorophyll is to absorb blue and red light and then reflect it as a green light. That’s why your lawn is always green. I bet you never knew this.
  7. Aside from food consumption, grass is also used for construction materials like thatch roofs which is all over the world. Also, fiber gotten from grasses is used for making paper.
  8. In the sports world, grass is very important with sporting activities like football, golf, baseball, cricket, etc. using grass. In fact, the Centre Court, Wimbledon, England is the most expensive lawn in the world and is made of perennial ryegrass.
  9. Over the year, grasses have been able to evolve to grow at their base instead of their tips so they can protect themselves. This makes it easy for them to be grazed without their growing points getting damaged and they could quickly regrow.
  10. The grass grown in your lawn is around six grass per inch which implies that your lawn would have millions of grass plants! If your lawn could have this amount, then imagine the number of grass plants that would be in a local golf lawn. Of course, you can’t imagine it.

Well, you can see how important grass is in various ways. It makes our lives easy and sweet which means you deserve the best supply of grass in the lawn of your home or any other property of yours.

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